Robin is more than a good Astrologer. He is a spiritual counselor with, not only the power of his own wise intuition, but also the incredible resource of the Vedic chart at his disposal.  He has been a great source of guidance and support for me through transitions in my life and on the path of my spiritual evolution.

I highly recommend you connect with this wise and wonderful man for insight into your own life.
— Molly McManus - Owner Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute and Nourish Ayurveda

My reading with Robin was everything I needed to hear. It confirmed all that lies deep in the truth of my heart, and more! His clairvoyance and guidance was a true gift.
Robin’s sensitivity with knowing how to articulate what he sees in your chart without trying to too strongly influence your decisions for the future was delivered with grace and awareness that is rooted in love.
My recording of our session is something I will continue to listen for inspiration and for being grounded in my being. I’m eternally grateful for it.
— Alexandra S
I am a deeply intuitive individual...and very proactive in my life. I have sought astrology many times in the past, where they have just told me that I am where I am supposed to be and this is just how it is...

Robin, however, takes his approach so much differently.  Yes, he confirms the same information BUT also reassures that we don’t have to succumb to the “it is what it is” mentality.. the, “that is just who you are”.. More of a “this is how you will respond to your chart if you don’t choose to take matters into your own hands by seeking balance to the challenges your chart provides you with”.  With him, here is no “bad” there is only information, and knowing that there may be inevitable things that you must endure for your growth and expansion in this physical body, Robin gives you the tools to see it from a perspective of empowerment over your own life.

Robin delivers the information in a very clear, concise and compassionate way. He educates, encourages and supports in ways that none of my previous experiences have. He is truly the embodiment of his work. And for these reasons I am beyond grateful we were introduced and I will continue to utilize his gift that he brings to the world to support the sweet unfolding of my life.
— Jaimee S.

I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga daily for about ten years.  During this time, I’ve had the great honor to study with many skilled teachers and have benefited tremendously from their suggested practices.  The uniquely individualized sessions, insights and guided meditations given by Robin during our work together has created the possibility for expedited progress of self-study, growth and transformation in ways I could have never imagined or have experienced before!
His comprehensive wisdom and objective understanding of one’s Karmic conditioning and challenges holds a brave space to unpack, understand and overcome those parts of my life where I tend to get in my own way.  He has the refreshing ability to explain grand concepts that can often seem insurmountable in a way that is comprehensive and practical.
I appreciate his ability and dedication to educate and empower those he works with, so that one is able to continue their path of growth and self-awareness on their own.
— Jodi C
Working with Robin is one of the most powerful decisions I’ve made for my life. He has a natural and incredible ability to intuitively connect with his clients truest self and then masterfully utilizes Vedic Astrology, along with Ayurvedic Lifestyle principles to assist them in connecting with this true self in an authentic and empowering way. Robin takes a loving, grounded, no-fluff approach to each session and always brings his full presence. I never feel rushed, dismissed or silly for asking the simplest or most complex questions.
If you are someone on the path of self actualization, developing deeper self awareness or simply in need of support in getting unstuck and seeing your life from a different viewpoint, Robin is THE person to work with. Understanding my chart has been an incredibly helpful tool, partly because knowing that some of the up’s and down’s were “built in” karmically, but that I can also transcend that karma in various ways (which Robin also helps with).
You will leave your session with lifestyle tools to implement and a new sense of inner power to move through life with.
— Terra G