Schedule a Session

The power of technology to support your spiritual growth is in action. Scheduling a session with Robin Stamp is convenient and simple.

Just click on the scheduling buttons below and you’ll be taken to Robin’s online calendar where you can select the day and time that’s convenient for you. From there you’ll get the link for online payment that will confirm your session time and date.

Using the app, Zoom, we will be able to connect live face-to-face, allowing for a more interactive session than just a phone call. I recommend connecting with a large screen device such as a laptop or desktop computer with a camera, but cell phones work fine as well.


Initial Session & Birth Chart Reading

In this initial session I’ll examine the effect of the planets at the time of your birth and how that energy manifests through your life in the form of specific karmic patterns.  You’ll learn the Universe Embodied guided meditation to connect with the planetary energy held in the chakras, helping you release and transcend the karmic patterns that have been negatively affecting you. My goal for this session if for you to find peace, stability and ultimately freedom to grow to your highest potential. 75 to 90 minutes -- $128


Spiritual Guidance Session, or Ongoing Sessions

The Spiritual Guidance Session is for those that have had an initial birth chart reading, and are ready to go deeper into understanding the higher self. In this session we build on the work started in your birth chart reading to bring healing to specific areas of life - relationships, finances, career, health.  You will receive a personalized healing practice recommendations and  practices based on your specific planetary patterns, designed for highest spiritual potential. In this session you’ll learn to use the Universe Embodied tools in a deeper, more impactful way to take your spiritual evolution to a higher level. 60-75 minutes -- $108. Multi-session discount packages available



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