Presence over Fear

Astrology is ultimately the study of how karmic patterns are revealed through the formations of the planets. The planets serve as the agents of karma, and watching their movements we can see where there is opportunity to grow and transform in new ways. The month of June is an especially powerful time for this, as there is a rare planetary formation that will push, pull and prod us into new ways of being. 

Meaningful change is never easy, it only comes through challenge. This June, the cosmos have aligned to bring into place the necessary energy to bring about great change. Saturn is slowly moving through the southern ecliptic point called Ketu. And Mars is moving through the northern ecliptic point called Rahu. Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Rahu are the most powerful energies to bring challenge in life. When they all come together, the potential for challenge becomes quite intense.  But don’t fear, I am not writing this to scare you. When we know what’s happening in advance, we can use the energy to our advantage. 

Work with Saturn by taking responsibility for your surroundings. Get up early, get on a routine, mediate, get present with your life, be of service. Work with Mars by directing your focus to higher principles by directing your actions in meaningful ways.  Clear away the clutter, limit distractions, unplug, move your body in conscious ways. By working with these planets in specific ways right now, you can unlock the higher vibrations of this formation. Strength, determination, presence, focus, perception and an opening to experience life in new ways: all these qualities are available to those that aware.  Use the month of June - especially 5th to the 20th - to focus on putting these qualities into practice. You’ll be amazed by the power that is available to you during this time. 

There has been much handwringing and fear mongering about the negative potential of this formation. Focusing on the negative side only brings fear, doubt and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, there is great potential for challenge globally through the month of June. The power of astrology is knowing what energy patterns are present, using them to reveal growth and new levels of awareness. It will take some work, but the rewards will be profound. 

This is a general overview of how this astrological formation will be felt. For a more individual focus, contact me about a personal reading. 

Sending blessings of Peace and Strength,

Om Shanti 

Robin Stamp