Stepping into 2019 with direction


The holidays are behind us, and just like that our higher selves are calling to step into the resolutions and intentions that will guide us toward a better year ahead.  The movement of the planets seem to be aligning to give this prospect a boost.

Saturn and the Sun will be together the first two weeks of January,  in the sign of Sagittarius. Giving a sense of responsibility, dedication and a desire to show up for something meaningful. Mercury joins the mix through the 18th. This gives the potential for heightened concentration, presence, and better-structured communication. Saturn will ask you to slow down, be present, be serious for this combination to bear fruit. If you’re not present, going through the motions or rushing around, you may run into obstacles delays and difficulty with your communication and even your confidence.

Throughout the month of January, the two great planets of light will be combining their power in the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter (expansion, abundance, wisdom, prosperity) and Venus (love, creativity, beauty, and connection) create a potent combination in the complex sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio holds the power of transformation and evolution at it’s highest level. The planets of light and awareness moving through Scorpio creates a great opportunity to take your new year in a deeper spiritual direction right away. Keep in mind the darker side of Scorpio, indulgence, attachment, deception, and addiction.  The potential for pleasure seeking that Venus and Jupiter can carry could bring you right into old patterns of indulgence if you’re not careful.

These planetary placements hold the potential to give you just the right support to get the new year off and going in the right way. Structure, presence, and discipline to go deeper into your spiritual practices will bring the outcomes you're looking for. But, if the indulgence train keeps running right into the new year, you might expect a month of difficulty. The party might be fun, but you could wake up in February wondering what happened to all these great resolutions and intentions you had. The choice seems pretty clear…Happy New Year!

Robin Stamp