What the world needs now is love, sweet love


What a summer – record heat, fires, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, violence, and now it’s political season in the U.S.  Mars’ notorious intensity inflamed our experience over the past months as he orbited the Earth in the closest position he’s been in for 15 years.

Yet as the summer heat begins to fade, Venus will sweeten all this fire and fear as she moves from her weakest position in Virgo to her most comfortable in Libra. Venus is the planet of love and connection, now that she’s back home to Libra through the end of the year, it will bring much-needed salve to our collective hearts

Venus’ shift is the antidote to the anger and aggression we’ve seen as a result of Mars’ influence, and also offers a different opportunity for the upcoming political season. Where political messaging tries to divide, Venus in Libra brings us together. This is a time when social justice, fairness and balance get a boost of energy.

Venus in Libra is the foundational energy of two people connecting and growing through the interaction. Intimate relationships, partnerships and the ability to see yourself in others will thrive during this time.

We are social creatures with a strong desire to support one another. It is only when we succumb to fear that we see ourselves as separate, which is the root of fear. So as the rhetoric gets divisive, take time instead to connect with your neighbors, get active in the community or give your time to a cause that lifts up others. As you use the energy of this current transit to recommit yourself to others in your community, you will not only be part of the process of transcending collective karma, but also will feel more connected and less driven by fear

Robin Stamp