Summer is heating up: Mars-Ketu conjunction

Does it feel like the world just got a few degrees more intense? Relationships, politics,  the weather -- they all are feeling a bit hotter these past few weeks.

Mars, the planet of intensity, passion, desire and conflict is currently residing in Capricorn, the sign where he draws the most strength. This is normally a six-week transit, but because of Mars’ retrograde orbit pattern, he will spend six months in Capricorn, coming quite close to the earth and heating everything up in the process.

Mars in Capricorn is usually a time when passion and drive can be funneled into the earth-focused realms of work with good practical outcomes. But the shadow planet Ketu is also residing in Capricorn. Ketu, the fiery and intense southern ecliptic point, brings a dissolving, internalizing and questioning energy. Ketu’s inward focus disrupts Mars’s “business first” mentality, bringing doubt and lack of direction to work-related projects. When Mars’ ability to have and do what he wants is upset, agitation always follows.

However, there is an upside to this time. It is possible for Mars and Ketu to work well together. Mars in Capricorn is a very practical placement. This is a time to put in the hard work and discipline to get your desired outcome. Ketu also has a disciplined streak, but it is the inward kind, where self-realization can be fulfilled. Together, this creates a great opportunity to become aware of and break out of old patterns in which you may blame, criticize, or judge others for what you’re experiencing. Mars and Ketu can fuel the gaze inward, where you can take ownership the things happening in your life and grow from them.

This summer will be hot, and people will be feeling agitated all around the world. It will be easy to respond in kind when confronted with unfriendly voices, both internal and out.  But with consciousness, you can change the paradigm. Rather than look outward, focus the intensity and desire of this time within to identify the places you can grow. Those are the most powerful tools we have to overcome conflict, hate, and enmity running rampant.

The power of astrology is the ability to know what’s coming so you can use the appropriate spiritual practices. Focusing energy on your internal healing now will allow you to reflect the kindness, love, empathy that diminish agitation for yourself and those around you. Om Shanti.

Robin Stamp