Be the change


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Those of us on the spiritual path share a wish to improve the world for those suffering. Refugees, the homeless, chronically disadvantaged children – we wish we could save then all.  But the problems often seem insurmountable. It’s not clear how one person can make things better.

Over the next four weeks, all the visible planets will be directing their energy in one way or another to the sign of Aquarius, creating an opportunity for each of us to be the change. At its grandest scale, Aquarius is the humanitarian, the philanthropist. It strives to solve big problems with big ideas.

At its worst, Aquarius is self-critical, doubting and judgmental. In the negative reflection of this sign, nothing is ever good enough. In this state there is no point to action, since nothing is ever going to change.  This self-fulfilling prophecy cripples the mind into inaction. The only way out of this inertia is by moving in the direction of service, the positive state of Aquarius.   

At its root, the energy of Aquarius is the community activist. It carries the wisdom that knows that by working locally we are healing the world.

The problems of the world all flow from the mistaken idea that we are separate from one another and separate from the divine source of the universe. The energy of Aquarius shows us that we are all connected. By taking action in your life or in your community, you are healing the world. All acts of love, big and small, send out a vibration of healing that affects the whole planet. 

We can’t solve all of the world’s problems today.  But we can take this energetic gift from the universe as an opportunity to change one or two simple things that will make our immediate personal experience more positive.  One by one, these small shifts have great results.

With an immense amount of energy building in the house of positive change, we have the opportunity to move in a positive direction. Find some way to harness this in your small world. The payoff will be exponential.

Robin Stamp