Shine the light on the greatness within.


The fall is a magical time of great transition. We naturally feel the desire to move inward as we shift from the external energy of summer toward the internal nature of winter. This is a time for introspection, reflection, and going deeper into our roots.  In early October, Jupiter begins his one-year transit through the sign of Scorpio, resulting in a powerful shift in the sky that can expand your inward journey.

Jupiter is the great benefic of the planets. His movement through the heavens generally brings expansion, abundance, wisdom, and grace. Also known as Guru, the light Jupiter casts brings awakening and spiritual insight for those who are ready to do the work. Scorpio, where Jupiter will move, is one of the most powerful signs, but it carries a complicated energy. On its lighter side, Scorpio is the sign of transformation, metamorphosis, and conquering of internal demons. On its darker side, Scorpio can lead to attachment, addiction, hypersexuality, and codependency. However, Jupiter’s movement to this sign has the potential to naturally illuminate Scorpio, allowing you to harness this powerful energy of transformation and growth.

Because of Scorpio’s dualistic nature and Jupiter’s ability to expand whatever falls in his wake, this transit has potential challenges for those who are not aware of the pitfalls of the relationship. When Jupiter’s expansive nature is overly focused on the external world, it can bring indulgence, attachment, and overextension, which plays directly into Scorpio’s darker side.

To keep the next year of Jupiter’s placement in Scorpio focused on the great awakening that is possible, harness the energy inward through mediation or by learning topics that will bring personal growth, such as astrology, yoga, or psychology.  By harnessing this powerful relationship on meaningful growth, and minimizing external distractions, you will use this time to shine Jupiter’s light on the greatness within.

Robin Stamp